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Dish Bill Pay

The MyDish online portal is a highly elaborative and very informative area, giving you a complete insight of the services and offers available for the public at MyDish. You can avail all their treats which they have on offer just by logging into the ‘My Account’ section of the website. However, one great feature provided by MyDish is its fast and reliable online billing procedure. All you need to do as user to pay your online bill is to give some basic details, click your mouse a few times and wait for a few seconds before a message saying ‘Your payment has been made’ is displayed on the screen.

Billing and Payment procedure followed by MyDish

MyDish offers both online and pay by phone feature of payment for their customers. You can choose and select any mode of payment anytime according to your wish. However, to start with, MyDish asks for your preferential payment mode which is to be provided under the ‘My billing’ section of your account on their online website.

Online Bill Payment

Online bill payment option has a great utility that it allows the users to get a complete insight of his account along with the billing history and the current payment dues, every time he/she visits his account on the website. The online payment procedure of MyDish is very efficient and simple and all you need to do is provide some basic information and rest assured, your payment will be made within seconds. MyDish accepts all the major credit/debit cards for its online transactions, as under the norms of US federal bodies. You can even select the automatic bill payment option which will allows My Dish server to automatically deduct money from your account, every time it is due. The automatic payment saves you the pain of remembering deadlines and acting accordingly.

Pay By Phone

If you are stuck in a business meeting or you are on a trip to a remote location with no internet connectivity while your MyDish payment is due, you don’t need to give yourself much stress because to help you with you payment schedule in this scenario, MyDish offers the pay by phone feature where you can just call at the MyDish number (1-888-615-3725) and follow the guidelines provided by the staff on the line to successfully complete your payment. The procedure is easy and effortless and can be made use of from anywhere, even when we are travelling.

Pay In Person

Dish also accepts payments in person. You can find a retail location near you following this link. Payments at these retail outlets may be subject to processing fee.

Pay by Mail

Payments can also be mailed to your local Dish location. But do keep in mind that payments sent via mail may take up to 10 business days to be posted to your account.

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