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American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) was formed in 1885 as American Bell’s subsidiary. Its purpose was forming network of long distance phone calls across the United States of America. In 1892, it expanded from New York to Chicago, then in 1915 to San Francisco.

In 1899, AT&T had become the mother company of the American Bell, by acquiring all the assets of American Bell. The patent for telephone of Graham Bell expired in 1894, making the industry of telephone open and free for new companies. However, AT&T managed to remain at top even with all the competition. It developed loading coils for providing better quality of telephone signal.

Telephone industry’s pioneer, AT&T, still maintains to provide excellent telephone service, and expanded its services to VoIP call service, fast internet, and other entertainment solutions.

An Overview: AT&T

AT&T has been bringing a wide array of services from new Smartphones to the next-generation television services, along with exceptional solutions for the multi-national businesses.

Over a century, AT&T has consistently providing high-quality, reliable, and innovative services and products, besides first-rate customer care. Its mission is connection people with the world, and thus they have been creating solutions for its customers by bringing innovation in communications as well as entertainment industries.

AT&T is recognized as a leading global provider of the IP-based communication services, having the world’s most reliable and fastest network of 4G LTE. It has the largest worldwide coverage of wireless carrier in U.S.A., with the offer of most phones operating in most of the countries. It operates the world’s largest network of Wi-Fi, having 32,000+ AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots at a number of hotels, restaurants, retailers, bookstores, and so on, along with access to 461,000+ hotspots worldwide via roaming agreements.

Major services offered by AT&T

T Local Tele-Phone Service

AT&T has still continued to provide excellent services for day-to-day, telephone calls. Although there are new technological innovations in communication system, telephone still continues to be the important device for keeping in touch.

There are a range of AT&T local telephone service plans available to opt from, each including added features like call waiting, three-way or conference calling, caller ID, and call forwarding. There is another plan that AT&T offers is the service of local toll, which lets you save your local toll phone calls (i.e. the long distance in-state calls), allowing you to get lower rate per-minute on all your local toll phone calls..

AT&T Long Distance Call Service

AT&T provides extraordinary services for long distance calls. Its plan of Unlimited Plus is great, allowing you unlimited calls all through U.S for a flat rate every month.

You can sign up as well for AT&T plan of One Rate that provides you the single rate of $0.10 each minute on all long distance phone calls at anytime of any day.

AT&T Fast Internet Services

AT&T offers 4 plans of high-speed Internet (www.att-services.net/att-high-speed-internet.html), having a range of speeds with prices. If you are willing to get high-speed internet connection, you can consider any of the two plans of AT&T: U-verse Internet or Elite fast Internet. If you are willing to get a reasonable package of internet, then he AT&T Basic internet service is ideal for you. AT&T packages can meet all sorts of fast internet needs!

AT&T VoIP Call Service

AT&T provides call service with U-verse voice package. Subscribers can receive unlimited local as well as long distance phone calls at any time within U.S.A, Puerto Rico, and Canada using the basic AT&T U-verse Voice plan service.

Each subscription to the U-verse Voice service plan is inclusive of added calling features, like call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, and so on.

AT&T Wireless Service

AT&T has not only conquered the telephone services, but also taken over the mobile phone world. The AT&T plans of Wireless offer unlimited calls from mobile to mobile between the users of AT&T. you can choose your plan according to your wireless needs and budget, for just yourself or your family. If you are reluctant to be stuck with a contract of two years, you can go for the prepaid plans of Wireless that AT&T offers.

T&T TV Service

Recently, AT&T has made in road into the arena of entertainment, by offering high-quality TV programs. There are 2 different categories of AT&T Television services to select from:

  2. AT&T U-verse TV

You can find various packages of AT&T | DIRECTV as per your television-viewing habits, taking your budget into consideration. There are a variety of  http://www.att-services.net/att-directv.html to suit your and budget. The wide range of TV channels that are offered by it endows with an excellent balance of programming for family, made-for-children cable television, along with best in sports, movie, and news channels.

The latest service offering to the entertainment arena by AT&T is the AT&T U-verse TV. It is a superior product, bringing together better-quality television, fast Internet, along with landline phone service. AT&T U-verse symbolizes the prospect of future communications as well entertainment.

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