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Comcast Bill Pay

Comcast have very ably provided unprecedented online media and communication services to their customers. For years they have been the stand out company in their niche and have maintained a high quality of services. But, their coverage and online popularity is not the only thing that makes them the best in the business, Comcast also boasts of a very effortless and user friendly payment option that can help you save a lot of time and energy.

So, how does Comcast ensure their customers make use of the billing services?

My Account section: To start with, before you enjoy all the great services offered by Comcast, you need to visit their official online website and log into the ‘My Account’ section there.

After verifying your account details from the company database, you will be taken to a new page that showcases every possible service that Comcast offers right on your screen.

Transparency: All your billing history, included the payment that is due is displayed under the Bill payment section. You can even have a look at all the services that you have availed and get an idea about how and for what you have been charged.

Offers and discounts: Comcast offers regular discounts on the online subscriptions (TV shows, movies etc) that they have available in their library.

Parental Control: If you are worried about what your child watches on television, don’t be, because with Comcast you can have a special parental control to customize what your child views on the Comcast channel online.

Payment Options

  1. Online Payment – Comcast is doing their bit towards saving the environment and encourage its users to go the eco-friendly way and pay bill online through electronic transfers. You can even schedule automatic payments so that you don’t have to worry about deadlines. Comcast accepts all major forms of payment methods including credit card and PayPal.
  2. Payment by Mobile phone – That’s not all, the biggest and the most unique way of bill payment and account information delivery have been recently added by the Comcast management to their armoury. You can now make a onetime payment, view your account details and manage your appointments and all that from your mobile phone. Yes, you read that right, now with Comcast you can even use pay your bill while you are in a hurry or are travelling somewhere.
  3. Pay In Person – Apart from this you always have the option of visiting the Comcast centre in person and paying your bill either by cheque or in cash.
  4. Tax and other charges – Comcast in lieu of the services that they offer, charge a very nominal fee along with the taxes that are deducted as per the norms of the US federal body. All the information about the tax deduction and service fee is available to you in your ‘My Account’ section at the Comcast website.
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