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DirecTV is the world’s largest broadcast satellite service provider with over 35 million customers spread across the United States and Latin America. DTV delivers the largest collection of local and nationwide channels and packages straight to its customers. DirecTV markets itself on the ease of use, quality of broadcast and cost-effectiveness. They have invested heavily in edging out their competition in the technological battleground and bill themselves as featuring the best quality broadcast.

DirecTV’s prime competitor is DISH, a network that runs on the same principals as DTV. The essence of the scenario is that satellite service provider such as DTV acquires broadcasting rights and contracts from various channels and sporting events etc., the content is digitized and beamed onto its satellites that redirect these signals towards the subscriber’s reception antennas to their television sets.

At the end of 2012, DirecTV had round about 19 million subscribers from US Main, and 10 million from Latin America. A recent estimate of their revenue for the past year was $27 billion.

In 2007, DirecTV won the J.D Power award for cable and satellite TV customer satisfaction. They maintain a very active customer care that is managed by third-party businesses, offering help regarding connectivity issues, programming and billing.


Founded by the visionary Howard Hughes, DirecTV commenced broadcasting services in 1994,and through systematic procurement and mergers, today it is a multi-billion dollar corporation that had stated revenues of 27.226 billion in 2011.The Company maintains its headquarters in El Segundo, CA while the broadcasting is transmitted from Castle Rock, Colorado.

It was in Feb 2004 that DirecTV officially became a stand-alone entity, and started focusing solely on satellite television. By 2007, they had up to 100 HD channels. This number has now increased to 190.

Some of the major acquisitions made by DirecTV in the recent past are ReplayTV, Connect TV and LifeShield. The latter is a maker of wifi systems, and DirecTV intends to use them to market their systems.

Products and Services

DirectTV provides an astounding variety of packages whether it be entertainment or sports. DTV offers network such as HBO, Starz and SHOWTIME but what sets DTV apart is the amount and quality of sports packages provided. DTV comprises of the NHL, NFL and the NBA which fulfills a sports fan utopian dream.

A subscriber can opt for a pay-per-view and video on demand event and movies. Additionally, a protection plan is also available at an added cost. This provides repair or replacement of damaged equipment. Other packages offered are for HD channels, sports and DVR.  DirecTV has contracts in place with cable networks, sports leagues, and event promoters etc to ensure an uninterrupted entertaining broadcast experience to its subscribers.

DirecTV Everywhere

Whichever device you may be operating within the vicinity of your home, DTV offers the ability to stream live TV and download on-demand content across all platforms be it an iPad, Android Phone, Tablet or PC. This allows great portability to the users, and allows multiple users to use the same DVR for different purposes.


This is something tailor-made for movie buffs. It is a catalogue of the latest motion pictures in 1080p, together with cross-platform availability. DirecTV maintains a database of movies, which are sectioned according to their release. Recent releases are automatically moved to the front. Customers use the pay-per view feature to avail the opportunity.

Whole-Home DVR

The distinguishing feature of the Whole-Home DVR is that one DVR can simultaneously provide access to larger number of devices, offering privacy and separate viewing time for everyone in the family. Shows can be recorded and played at a later time. You may start watching something in one room, and finish off in the other, with the Whole-Home DVR.

Mobile Apps

Apps tailor made for tablets and phones provide seamless stream and run movies and shows on either device, plus what may be the most important of all features is the NFL Sunday Ticket granting live access to the entire game as well as statistics and game plans so that the viewer is never an inch away from the action .

DirecTV Mobile

DirecTV allows its customers to view and pay their bills directly through their phones.  This is available through both text notifications and a mobile app. The mobile service can also be used to order movies and pay-per-view videos.

Protection Plan

The protection plan is to ensure that customers do not suffer from faulty equipment. It involves the replacement of equipment every 2 years.  For a minimal monthly rate, customers are given the guarantee of up to date equipment on a biennial basis. The protection is popular among the clientele and a significant fraction of them have opted for it.

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