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Hulu Plus Bill Pay

Hulu is a fast growing website that offer streaming your favorite TV shows, movies, clips and other interesting videos. Currently available only in United States, the Hulu management is soon planning to make the website globally accessible so that many more can enjoy their great services. Hulu offers their services under two categories, namely Hulu basic and Hulu plus with the latter offering a wider array of service to the users.

How does Hulu charge for the services that they offer?

  1. The Hulu basic is a limited period service that offers users to watch a certain number of videos or clips totally free of cost.  The Hulu basic account is designed to give an idea to the users about the utility of the Hulu community.
  2. Hulu Plus is the other category of services that is initially offered free of cost under a trial period.
  3. To avail Hulu Plus you need to log in to the Hulu online portal with your already registered details.
  4. A sum of $1.00 is deducted from your specified bank account, once you successfully log into your account under Hulu Plus. However, this sum is reversible and is never actually charged by the Hulu community. It is simply done to check your bank credentials.
  5. Once you finish with your trial period (only one available per user), you can enjoy uninterrupted Hulu Plus services by paying a monthly charge of $7.99 excluding taxes as under the norms of US federal bodies.
  6. Hulu offers its users to pay their bill or monthly rentals through all the leading credit cards or PayPal account.
  7. However, in case the details provided by you under your payment mode is found to have any discrepancies, Hulu holds your account and restricts you from using it until amends are made in your payment details.
  8. Apart from laptop or computers, you can also use your Hulu Plus premium services on your internet connected TVs, Smartphone,  set top boxes, gaming consoles or any other device and that too in high definition, without any ad or interruptions. However, you can only enjoy this feature once you pay the monthly subscription fee of $7.99 to the Hulu account.
  9. Just in case a user has any doubts over the services offered or the payment details, Hulu offers assistance through phone or through mails to make sure the customers are always satisfied and their interest is preserved.
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