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Making a Single Payment on GoGeCapital.com

Learn how to make a same-day payment or a single future dated payment.

With the GE Capital Consumer Center, making payments online is easier than ever. To get started, simply login to your account. Then, from your Account Homepage, click Make Payment in the corresponding account information area. You can also access the Payment Center by clicking Payments within the available Quick Links or selecting the appropriate account from the Account drop-down menu.

When making a payment online, you will automatically be directed to the Single Payment screen, where you can make a same-day payment or schedule a single future-dated payment. First, select the payment amount. You can choose to pay the current balance, the statement balance, the total minimum payment due, or an amount of your choice. Then select the date you’d like you payment to be submitted and withdrawn from your account.

Manage multiple Www.GoGeCapital.Com Accounts

Finally, select your payment source by choosing a bank account from the drop-down menu. If there are no existing accounts within the menu or you would like to add a new account, select Add New. An Add Bank Account window will appear, where you will be required to enter your banking information. After your new bank account has been saved and verified, it will be available as a payment source. Upon selection of payment source, click Submit Payment For Review.

At this time, you will have an opportunity to review your payment information. If everything appears to be correct, click Submit. Once submitted, a confirmation screen will appear, confirming your payment has been scheduled and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

If, at any time prior to the scheduled payment date, you would like to edit or cancel your payment, click View/Edit below the list of scheduled payments on the Single Payment Screen. A full list of both scheduled and processed payments will appear. Next to each of the scheduled payments will be options to Edit or Delete. A confirmation email will be sent to you for all payment updates and cancellations.

To learn more, visit Www.GoGECapital.com.

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  1. Mariya Swanson says:

    Hi there,
    How many payments can I make each month at one time to pay may bills?

  2. myra young says:

    please make schedule payment as posted.

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