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Register and Login for the Citi Prepaid Card Account - Bill Pay Online

Register and Login for the Citi Prepaid Card Account

Many companies and organizations have now switched to paperless accounts. It’s efficient, convenient and better than sending traditional checks in the mail. Citi prepaid cards are very similar.

What are Citi prepaid services?

Citi prepaid services offer a system for organizations to make electronic payments to reduce their costs and become more efficient. Employers simply deposit the pay onto an employee’s prepaid cards. The employee gets the money right away and can use it for any need by transferring it directly into his or her Citi account.

Accessing and Managing the Online Citi Prepaid Card Account

There are some requirements you need to meet:

  • You need a computer and the internet
  • You need your Citi prepaid card

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the website through the link below
  2. Register if this is your first time. You can do this by clicking “Register your card now”, which is under the First Time User section.
  3. Enter the number of your card and your security code. Look at the diagram to your left for instructions as to where they are.
  4. Follow the registration instructions online. You will then be able to manage your online account.
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