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Making a Donation to K-Love

K-Love is a very unique and a highly charitable organization that runs radio stations across different areas in United States. The radio station plays mostly devotional and positive songs combined with inspirational stories that take you closer to god. Just like their cause, the ways to support K-Love is very noble and charitable. K-Love do not demand any cash or kind from its listeners, however, the radio is totally supported by funding that it receives from listeners and devotees around the country.

What are the modes of donations and support offered to K-love?


  1. K-Love accepts donation or funding that is made towards the radio station. You can provide online support or even call at 1-800-525-LOVE (5683) to show your willingness to donate and the members of K-Love will assist you with the donation process.
  2. When you extend a donation towards K-Love, you receive a tax receipt that is accepted by federal bodies, along with a membership card.
  3. You can make your donation through using any savings, checking or debit/credit card. All you need to do is log in to the official website of K-Love and check the ‘Other payment option’ on the donation front. You can even allow automatic donations using this service.
  4. You can also directly mail the donation and gifts to the official mailing address of K-love, as mentioned below:-

K-LOVE Radio
P.O. Box 2098
Omaha, NE 68103-2098

  • Giving on behalf of your business: You can list your businesses under the category that supports K-Love and show your support to the community and the noble cause associated with it.
  • Shopping: K-Love offers you the opportunity to shop for your favourite music in the K-Love Music Room, and support the noble effort of the community side by side. It’s better than simply buying your music from anywhere else since with K-Love there is a selfless cause associated.
  • Prayers: You can inspire younger generation both in and outside of your family to serve the God and help them get associated with the noble effort of K-Love. K-Love considers your physical presence and inspiring words are more than any other financial blessings.

K-Love believes that a prayer made from an unselfish heart does more good than anything else in the world. So, the best payment method available to support the noble cause started by the radio station is pray for a world of peace and a world where the ideology of God is followed and respected.

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