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Making an Sears Card Online Bill Payment - Bill Pay Online

Making an Sears Card Online Bill Payment

Making a Sears card online bill payment is extremely easy. Once your account is created with the financial institution—in this case Citiback—you can pay your bills quickly with the internet. You can also stop paper bills coming through your door and move your financial life online.

  • Visit www.SearsCard.com. You will be taken to the specific Citibank site for holders of this card.
  • Click “Register”, which is on the left.
  • Enter all the information to verify you are the cardholder of that Sears Card. This is the only way you can get all the information linked to your card and make payments for that card. The information you need to input includes the account number for your card, your social security number (four digits to verify who you are), you email address, the zip code of the billing address and the security code.
  • Click “Continue”.
  • Enter all the information in the next fields, including phone numbers, mailing and billing addresses, full name etc.
  • Add your checking account with routing number to set up for your Sears card online bill payment.
  • The checking account number is at the bottom, towards the middle of your checks. It is usually a 10-sigit number on the front window—you will usually find four numbers following it, which are the check numbers.
  • The routing number is a nine digit number on the left at the bottom of your checks.
  • Set up your username with a password. You want things that are easy to remember but difficult to guess. It’s really important that you account is kept secure due to the nature of it. Create a password with a mixture of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Create the security questions and answers to add extra security to your account.
  • Complete the registration.
  • On the Sears Card homepage, enter the username and password. Once you log in, you will see the dropdown menu. This gives you different options, including to make a payment. Click on that option.
  • You then get the option to enter the amount of money you would like to clear on your card and the date that you want the payment to be made. Once you enter that information, click “Continue”.
  • Double check the details for your payment. If you are happy, click “Make Payment”. You should then see the payment be made on the date you selected.
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One comment

  1. Erik R. Abrahamson says:

    Re: 5121071999113099
    Having received your August 26 letter, I have decided to take the risk of wasting more of my precious time helping other SEARS customers have a more satisfactory experience with your company than I recently did by helping your company perform in a more customer-oriented fashion. Fifty years ago the problem I shall now discuss would never have occurred, even if credit cards were available. Why? Because in the old days Sears management was tuned in to “serving the customer”, taking the best care possible of the customer’s needs. Today, SEARS/CHASE has become like liberal American government, by making the customer (citizen) the servant to the company (government)thereby having demeaned the entire previously magnanimous history of customer/public service. Before I begin, be it known that I speak from experience having worked both at Sears in the old days, been a customer for years and having retired from “public service” when the best possible public service to the average citizen was of the highest priority.
    The card I recently cut up and returned to your office was supposed to be a “SEARS” Card. I was shocked to discover it was a CHASE Card. When I was first billed for some $16 I received an envelope from CHASE, not SEARS. Naturally, not wanting to respond to CHASE advertising I tossed it without evening looking inside. Apparently, when the second one arrived I tossed it as well. If it had said SEARS Credit Card on the envelope I would have opened it because I knew I had purchased something from SEARS, not CHASE. I can’t recall what got my attention the third time or so but it was a surprise to me that CHASE was billing me for over double of what I purchased at SEARS when I discovered CHASE was billing me instead of SEARS.I know CHASE is real proud of themselves and perhaps they have a right to be so. However, GOOD business sense would dictate that the billing be from SEARS not CHASE even though inside CHASE can have their name mentioned. Your misguided management technique is not customer oriented and I am sure that many otherwise good American first time SEARS consumers are being ripped off by Chase by such misleading billing I.D. on the envelopes the SEARS CARD bills are mailed in. Therefore I tore up my card. I am happy to do business with SEARS but not with CHASE at this stage in my life. I recall the good old days when “the customer was most important”. It is sad for me to see what is likely happening across the country to innocent otherwise good customers of SEARS. I do not like my good credit rating smeared by inept, selfish management practices by CHASE, not SEARS.
    Somehow, I’ll bet this e-mail gets tossed and the reader will first think of their break-time, not the customer.

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