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Merrick Bank

Merrick Bank, established in 1997 is one of the top-25 issuer of Visa® cards around the globe along with being an authorised issuer of MasterCard® cards. Merrick Bank also provides finance options to Marine and RV Dealers throughout the country, facilitating their boat and RV purchases. Merrick Bank boasts of a proud 900,000 cardholders and over 1$ billion in assets all over the globe.  The bank specializes in credit programs designed to assist consumers who are looking to establish, rebuild or stabilise their credits or savings. Merrick Bank is insured by FDIC and offers a wide range of Certificates of Deposits with various terms and interest rates, to fit your requirements.

Merrick Bank’s ISO program was started in 1999 and since than it has experienced a significant profitability and growth both, for the bank and its ISO partners. The bank assumes full liability and provides unique BINS’s and ICA’s for its ISO programs.

An Overview: Merrick Bank

The motto which drives Merrick Bank to improve and to provide better facilities and services to its clients is to ensure a better community life and help others grow. Merrick Bank lives by a set of company and personal rules that forms the core of their values such as honesty and loyalty towards its employees and customers alike, which has, over the years been the winning formula for them. Merrick Bank has the integrity and the trust that you wish your personal bank should have. The combination of all these values has contributed in a big way to ensure the success of this great union.

Merrick Bank has over the years grown with time and adjusted according to the requirements of the credit and recreational industry, ensuring that both the people who are working for them and the people, who they work for, get the best possible and most advanced banking services.

Merrick Bank has a merchant services division which is ranked as high as 15th amongst the largest to acquire and sponsor of over 60 Independent Sales Organisations. The bank settles over 100,000 merchants annual credit and debit card transactions that sums up to nearly $20 million. Merrick has solidified and comprehensively maintained its competitive national position as one of the largest and most trusted banks in the nation, and a big reason behind this achievement is its dedication to provide a wide spectrum of products and credit services such as eCommerce, Petro, Travel, merchants and a various other industries.

In addition to this, Merrick, working cordially with its vendors and partners offers greater options such as dynamic and multi- currency conversion, customised merchant statements and advances, ACH processing, petroleum solutions, web filtering and online banking tools.

What are the primary services provided by Merrick Bank?

Merrick Bank strives to make a positive difference in the lives of all those who are directly or indirectly associated with them. The company along with its commitment towards dependable and honest innovations in banking sector, also ensures that the basic facilities are not affected at any point of time.

Some of their services include:

  • Offering solution-based products at very reasonable and fair prices to its customers.
  • Increasing the financial stability and assuring a secured future to the clients.
  • Treating all the customers alike, regardless of their investment or the official standing of their accounts with the bank.
  • Rewarding and a highly successful customer credit management portal.
  • Contributing resources and time in an attempt to improve the financial and social standing of our community.
  • Creating a healthy work environment that brings the best out of each and every associate.

Merrick Bank has been traditionally active in the overall improvement of the community through helping others, with the help of others. The bank’s Junior Achievement programme reinvests the money it receives from the customers to uplift the living of the underprivileged kids in the society. Merrick Bank have been very punctual about their volunteer charitable contributions.

There is no restriction on the usage of Merrick Bank card and it can be used anywhere given that the place accepts Visa Cards. The payment options are highly transparent and user-friendly.

You can pay your bill at Merrick by several convenient options such as:

  1. By mailing it directly to Merrick’s mailing address giving required information alongside. You need to have your payment address registered into the bank’s database to enjoy this service.
  2. Online payment is also been added to Merrick’s illustrious cabin, giving cardholders a effortless option that requires them to log into the bank’s official website and follow the instructions there.
  3. You can even call directly to the staff at Merrick on 1-800-253-2322, and brief them about your payment mode and options.
  4. You can even send cash payments to the Bank, either in person or at the Bank’s address i.e.

Merrick Bank
PO Box 30537
Tampa, FL 33630-3537

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