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Merrick Bank Bill Pay

The different Bill Pay Service of Merrick Bank

The bank provides payment services through online banking, phone banking, check, cashier check and money order. For payment through check and money order, the portion of the statement that has the relevant details (Payee information, amount etc) should be included and mailed to Merrick Bank, Payment Processing Center, PO Box 30537, Tampa, FL 33630-3537. For assistance with phone banking the customer support number to call is 1-877-790-5648.

Pay Your Merrick Bank Card Bill

Pre-requisites for online bill pay

Online bill payment is the most widely used payment method because of its convenience. In order to pay online, a payment account needs to be set up. This is done by first enrolling in the service and agreeing to accept the terms and conditions both for online and basic payments. After this is done the customer can set up one or multiple payment accounts. The payment is made from the payment account. A valid email address is also required for this service. If the customer does not accept the terms and conditions in the first place, he/she cannot use the online bill pay service.

Benefits of the online bill pay service

This service enables the customer to view the account summary. It also enables the one time and recurring payments by scheduling them.  The customer can also view, edit and cancel payments that had been set up previously.

How to set up an account for payment

Let’s say a payment has to be made to a mortgage account on a monthly basis. That account must be set up as a payment account within the customer’s current account portfolio. The details of the mortgage account must be set up using the account number, type of account and the routing/transit number. These details are securely saved and the customer can assign a nickname to this payment account so that one time entry of the details can be reused repeatedly. After that he/she can schedule a recurring payment, of certain amount, on a certain day of every month. The same can be done for credit cards, utility bills etc. One time payments can be made by selecting the payment account, the amount to be paid (should be at least $15 or less than the current account balance) and the date of payment. These details can be reviewed and after submission the payment is routed to the destination account through a secure connection. Payment accounts can be edited, saved or deleted. If a certain payment account is deleted all payments linked from that account will cease to exist.

Merrick Bank Credit Card Payments
P.O. Box 30537
Tampa, FL 33630-3537

Pay Your Merrick Bank Card Bill
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