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Merrick Bank Credit Card Activation


Merrick Bank is in the business of offering credit cards to its customers. The card services group of the bank helps the customers to re-establish credit history and move towards a favourable credit rating.

After getting the card from Merrick Bank, the next step is to activate it. Please read the information booklet that is enclosed with the card. It contains information related to the Terms and Conditions governing the use of the card. Online information on the T&C are available at http://www.merrickbank.com/Activate/card-activation-terms-and-conditions.aspx. The information booklet also gives guidance on how to activate your card. The following are the ways.

Online activation

A simple, convenient and fast way is to activate the card online. The cardholder needs to go to the site https://www.merrickbank.com/Activate/ and key in the 16 digit card number, primary cardholder information like last 4 digits of SSN, Mother’s Maiden Name, Date of Birth, Phone number and State of Residence. On submission of the information, the card gets activated. In a rare occasion – if any error is displayed the user may either try the process again or call the customer assistance number. This is the card activation number printed on the sticker and placed on the front of the card.

It is to be noted that online activation is secured by the use of encryption and security of highest standards. Users may check the details of the security policy at http://www.merrickbank.com/Legal/Security-Policy.aspx.

Phone activation

The card holder can call up the card activation number provided on the card. He/She can call from any phone number but calling from the registered phone number makes the activation faster.

Through the bank account

Since your Secured Merrick Bank Credit Card is a derivative of your current account maintained with the bank, you activate the card through your bank account too. Login to your online banking account (Current account), if the card is not linked to your account by default, you may link it and from there activate the card. Some security questions are asked for verifications and a message (to the registered email) is sent to confirm the activation. As an added security measure, when you use your card for online purchase you may be required to enter your online banking password.

Activation of PIN number

Every Credit Card has a PIN number associated with it which can be used at ATMs to withdraw money. The bank may send the PIN through post which gets activated on first use. The user can change to a new PIN as per his/her convenience.

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