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A Self-service portal is a website of sorts that enables and assists users, be they employees, customers, suppliers, or partners to dispense services related to high value transactions. This includes simple updates on accounts to more intricate operations like managing support tickets, paying bills and much more.

Self Service portal is something that benefits many individuals from various businesses such as IT Managers, or related organizations, Vehicle dealersand many others as well. It also encourages and supports further deployment. In terms of business efficiency and performance, it goes a long way. The business benefits of this service include enhancement in employee related productivity, ensuring that the return on investment is much higher, and probably most importantly, it is a secure and safe portal or interface to the domain user on the web. There are many service providers that deal in dispensing said facilities.

ADP or Automatic Data Processing is one such agency that deals in providing self-service portal facilities to businesses. It has been around for quite a while now and the list of clients who have benefited from it is immense and lengthy. Based in America, theAutomatic Data Processing, Inc. is a provider of outsourcing solutions for various businesses. In addition to that, it also offers computing services to heavy equipment and automobile dealers.
Self Service portals are immensely beneficial in the present era. They entail a number of advantages pertaining to the elevation in performance levels of a business, its customer base, employee performance and more. Some of the more eminent and notable of these advantages are mentioned as following:

  1. Automate password resets and account unlocks through an appropriate and adequate Self-service portal to save on help desk calls and its relative expenditures.
  2. By considerably reducing time required for an employee to raise a ticket, that is first viewed by the helpdesk and subsequently attended, Self-Service portals can greatly improve upon the productivity level of employees. To put it simply, you get to reduce a three step process to a simple one step process which greatly improves performance.
  3. With self-service portal, one can get higher return on his or her investments. That is because with lesser time required to unlock an account, system down time is cut considerably and productivity is increased, which leads to greater return on investments.
  4. Self Service portals store all of the activities performed through it in an audit log database. Administrators and employees then directly receive important alerts and confirmations through email. This makes it far easier to maintain accountability of actions performed.
  5. Probably the most important advantage of this service is that it can be installed and deployed quite easily.
  6. By excluding the need of an employee to share important and sensitive information, such as passwords for instance, with support staff, Self Service portals ensure that this information is not lost or leaked or misuse of a domain user’s domain through helpdesk.
  7. Self Service portals save up employee time and effort which can be better spent in other areas that demand attention.
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