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USBank.com Bill Pay Online

USBank.com Bill Pay Online

Online Bill Pay 
The US bank online bill pay provides a lot of convenience. All payments can be monitored from one place – thorough a single sign on. There are no charges involved apart from being a safe way to transact.
Demo video is available at https://www.usbank.com/personal/demos/bill_pay/demo_bill_pay.html?fromWeb=autoRun
Its features are mentioned below and the site for FAQ is https://www.usbank.com/online-banking/faqs.html
Any payee
There is no restriction to whom payments can be made. All utility bills, all creditors can be paid. Since the payment goes to a bank account there is zero paperwork.
Timely and Error free
If the payee information is correctly entered and there is no fund shortage in the account, there is no problem for the scheduled payments to be routed to the destination account.
Ability to monitor payments
This facility lets the user control how much to pay whom and when.
Getting started is easy
To set up payee information the user needs to put in details like name, address, bank routing number and account.
Online Payment to a person
This the ‘Pay a Person’ facility offered through online banking. Any person who has a bank account number, email address or mobile phone can be sent money. This happens because these are the information tied to a person’s bank account. Money can be sent to family and friends, estate agents or house owner for house rentals. The FAQ site is https://www.usbank.com/online-banking/pay-a-person-faqs.html.
The steps to make this type of payment are :

  • Signing in to the online bank account or the app on a mobile device
  • Click on ‘’send money’’ option
  • Choose the beneficiary. This can be selected from the existing list or a new payee can be created.
Online check deposit – through computer
This is an unique feature and following are the steps to do it . There is a fee of $0.5 for each transaction and user must be a US resident account holder – either checking or savings in a US Bank. The maximum number of returned deposited in the last 3 months should not be more than 3. The prerequisites are having a scanner and computer, or a smartphone with a camera.
  • User needs to endorse the check
  • Select the account where it needs to be deposited
  • Check needs to be scanned on both sides
  • Check information needs to be verified
  • User needs to submit ‘Click’ button
Online check deposit – through smart phone
The steps to follow are below:
  • User needs to endorse the check
  • Select the account to deposit the check
  • Click a picture of the front and back of the check
  • Verify the information on the check
  • User needs to click ‘Submit’
Users may watch the demo on https://depositpoint.usbank.com/xd/help/DepositPoint_demo.html for further details .Details of the mobile app can be obtained from the site https://www.usbank.com/mobile/index.html
If a customer signs up for electronic bill, then he/she receives an email when the bill is ready – this enables him/her to login and pay the bill. The following are the  advantages:

  • E-bills can be paid automatically through setting the payment date and amount.
  • Payments can be made one time or recurring payments set up.
  • Customer can be alerted with the delivery of an ebill or when the payment is processed
  • Payment history of 1.5 years is available online
List of participating companies is available at https://www.usbank.com/cgi_w/cfm/personal/account_access/ebill_companies.cfm
Detailed information is available at https://www.usbank.com/personal/demos/bill_pay/demo_bill_pay.html?fromWeb=ebill
Paying bills through credit card, Charge or check card
Online bill payment through a card has the following benefits :
  • A longer time window is available as processing time is least
  • Payments can be tracked on a monthly basis for checking, credit or charge card accounts
  • Paying bills through card earns reward points which can be redeemed -a very tangible benefit.
  • Fraud protection – The card holder is totally safeguarded against fraudulent use of the card.
Almost all types of bills can be paid with a card. Those are  
  • Insurance
  • Cable / Satellite TV, Wireless, internet
  • Telephone
  • Utilities
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