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21st Century Insurance Bill payment

Everyone regardless of their physical and financial standings have one thing in common, that is the hate centred at deadlines of payment of car insurance bills, not only because of the downgrading effect it has on our wallet but also because of the time it consumes which might get frustrating at times. What if your car insurance company comes up with a billing procedure that works perfectly to suit your timing and requirements? Though most car insurance companies in the past haven’t paid much attention to ensure a better and effortless billing mechanism for their customers, 21st Century Insurance Company has broken the deadlock and offered a really fast, reliable and effortless payment mechanism available for your selected car insurance policy. 21st Century Insurance through its online website have incorporated advanced bill payment procedure that not only saves time but saves you off the frustrating, energy consuming payment drills too.

Billing and Payment service offered by 21st Century Insurance:

To make use of the online billing procedure, first you need to register your account on 21st century website. Once you have registered, ‘Log In’ to your official account using basic details such as User Id and password that were provided to the company by you at the time of your registration. After getting your information verified from the company’s database, you are directed towards a new page that gives all the details about your account, including the cars insurance policies that you currently hold, your billing history, your payments dues and other great functionaries, all with in just a few clicks of your mouse button. 21st century offers you two direct bill pay methods.

  1. Full pay – Premium in paid in full or 50% at the start or renewal of the policy with remaining 50% billed to the policy holder directly.
  2. Monthly Direct Bill – Payment is made in instalments every month with in the due date.

Payment Methods

Online Bill Payment:

21st Century Insurance Group accepts all the major credit/debit cards for its online transactions under the norms of US federal bodies. You can even buy a car insurance policy online using the company’s official website.

Pay By Phone:

Payments over the phone can be made through 21st century Interactive voice response system simply by calling 1-877-310-5687 and following the instructions.

In Person:

If you are not comfortable with the online payment method, you can make payment in person by visiting you nearest Verizon centre or 21st Century Insurance Group office and pay your bill in cash or by cheque. The highly professional and thoroughly skilled and trained staff members working in the company’s office will be more than happy to guide you through the payment procedure. You can even ask them for any assistance regarding the car insurance policies that you currently have or planning to buy. Finally another convenient option to make payment is the Western Union Speed Pay.

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