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Astound is a data communications service provider, operating in the West Coast of the US. Its clientele involves customers living near the San Francisco Bay Area. It falls under the WaveDivision holdings, LLC, which caters to around 410,000 customers, mostly from Washington and nearby areas.

Astound has been known to offer customers basic features at competitive price. Money saving packages and discount are therefore the most marketable thing that Astound possesses. Because they work in such a localized region, they have excellent know-how and are often commended on their active tech support service.

Some of their usual services include High Speed internet, digital cable, home phone service, international programming, DVR, HDTV and TV on demand. In recent years, Astound has become the single largest data provider in the Bay Area, and is still gaining ground on its competitors in that territory.

They have a user-friendly website. The home page features upcoming features and packages. Separate tabs have been allotted for home and business portfolios. Customers can login to their accounts and check their package details, bill and special discounts.

Major Services offered by Astound

Astound provides its facilities to both homes and businesses. Most of its clientele are residents living in urban areas of the Bay Region. Local businesses in the area also avail services from Astound, especially high speed internet and data solutions. A number of local businesses also have collaborations with Astound, benefiting both the parties in particular and consumers in general.

Cable TV

Astound gives a great deal of control to their customers. They can build their own TV package by choosing the level of service, equipment and additional TV perks. Astound promises unique, local programming on its service, and couples that up with fairly cheap rates.

They provide separate tiers of service: basic cable enhanced basic, digital cable and premium pack. The basic package gives its users the most popular channels, while the enhanced version provides a bit more variety along with HD channel availability. The customers can choose either the normal or HD equipment to go with the package. The Digital package is targeted towards customers who are heavily inclined towards music and sports. This package houses features like an On-Screen Program Guide, Pay-per-view access, and Video-on-demand. The Premium Package is the best form of TV entertainment provided by Astound. Along with all the features of the Digital package, users have access to the premium channels, which primarily host On-demand content. These channels are regularly updated as per customer reviews.

In the equipment choices Astound provides the All-in-One Network relay, Enhanced DVR, HD DVR and the multi-room DVR. It is at the customer’s discretion to choose which package will go with what equipment.

Users also have an option to use a Cable Card instead of a DVR. However, they need a TV capable of supporting the same. This gives them more price and entertainment options. Another added feature is the Astound Wire Guard Protection. This is an inside-wiring protection system, which guarantees free repair or replacement in case of damage.


Astound promises its customers a reliable internet connection, with minimal downtime. It is the fastest internet provider in the Bay Area, even though it does not compare well with other big names in the market. Their technical support is often cited by customers as a major advantage. It is 24/7 service, which responds quickly and solves a majority of connectivity issues.

It has separate internet packages based on data speeds. The highest speeds that can be achieved are up to 50 Mbps. The higher speed packages also offer sizable discounts; hence, most of the customers tend to go for them. Wireless Networking is also provided, and can be used to connect multiple devices. The Wireless network is effective over a considerable distance, and has been reviewed to be cost-effective. The Wire guard protection is also available for the internet lines at the same rate.


Astound provides a dedicated phone line to its customers, separate from the cable and internet service. Local calling within the Bay Area is free and unlimited. Some of the basic features provided are Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Repeat Dial, Caller ID block, and Call block. Users can seamlessly switch between their home and Astound phones, while keeping their current number. There are two phone services available: basic phone and enhanced phone. The basic phone package has all of the features mentioned above. The enhanced phone package brings into play a smart voice mail service that can be connected online. The phone line is also protected by the Wire Guard.

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