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Bright House Network is the 6th largest cable systems operator in the US which serves more than 2.4 million customers across the country. It is also the second largest company in Florida.

The company offers high speed data communication – video and voice services to homes as well as businesses. A full suite of phone, internet, Ethernet and cable TV services are offered to subscribers and businesses of all sizes.

Bright House has an advertising firm of its own called Bright House Media Strategies that offers advertising solutions to businesses. In the Florida markets, Bright House operates its own exclusive local news and sports channels.


Before 2003 all the cable systems owned by Bright House Networks today, were owned by Time Warner Entertainment – Advance/Newhouse Partnership. After a deal in 2003, Advance/Newhouse took over complete operational responsibility and directly managed the cable systems and services. Now known as Bright House,it offers a wide range of services that help to make life easier.

Services Offered

BrightHouse offers television, high speed internet, home security and phone services to both residential and commercial clients. Apart from these, the company also operates two local news channels – Bay News 9 in the Tampa Bay market and the Central Florida News 13 in the Orlando market.

The company has an extensive fiber optic network in some areas and uses it to provide dedicated internet access like VPN services, private network transport and telecom services such as SIP and PRI services.

TV Services

Bright House offers high definition TV where you can enjoy your favorite movies, shows, sports or news channels with theater quality picture and sound. The company offers various packages to suit your needs.For today’s busy families Bright House offers the DVR service which is a Digital Video Recorder that allows you to pause and rewind live TV, or record a show and watch whenever you want. An HD DVR is also available which allows you to record in HD. To install this, all you need is a DVR Service and a DVR converter. This could be installed in every room. By connecting multiple Whole House DVRs, Bright House allows you to record up to 16 HD channels at a time and about 480 hours of HD programming.

Additionally using the parental control feature gives you the power to choose the movies, events or shows your family can view.Few of the other features offered are ‘Start Over’ that lets you restart live shows that are already playing and Caller ID  on TV which allows you to see who’s calling right on the TV screen.

Internet Services

In today’s families each one has smartphones, tablets or laptops and each one is using the wireless for video chatting, streaming movies and music or online gaming. All these require a powerful internet.

A variety of internet speeds is available from Bright House to suit your budget and needs. The speeds range from 10 Mbps, 30 Mbps and 60 Mbps to 90 Mbps. The company offers many features including wireless networking, a static IP in case you want to host a website or any other server and firewall and antivirus protection. You do not need to sign any annual contract to avail these services.

Phone Services

The phone services offered by Bright House help you to keep in touch with friends and family across the nation. It offers an Unlimited Nationwide Calling plan that lets you call anywhere in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico. The international calling plans cover more than 60 countries where you can call for hundred minutes at a low price.

Exclusive features such as Caller ID on your PC allow you to keep in touch with your home phone from anywhere. The services offered by the company are reliable and in case of any problems, technical support and customer care is easily available.

Other popular features offered by the company are call waiting, call forwarding and 3-way calling. Advanced features include caller ID on TV and PC, enhanced voice mail and home phone online tools.

It provides unlimited free text messaging in which you can send or receive unlimited text messages from any mobile phone in US using the Bright House phone number. This allows you to stay connected with your friends and family from a computer or smartphone or a tablet.

The E911 feature automatically sends your name, phone number and address to a 911 dispatcher as soon as you dial 911.

Home Security Services

Bright House Networks offers home security systems that are available when you are away from home. You can check in on your kids while you are away or you can disarm your security system from your office. The system allows you to even set your thermostat or turn on lights from a remote location before you reach home.

All these convenient features can be personalized and changed according to your preferences. With Bright House home security you get an advanced home management system which is designed to keep your family safe.

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