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Citibank Bill payment

How many of you have to unwillingly plan your activities around your payment schedules at the start of every month? If you are one of those who is tired of meeting the deadlines of the old fashioned billing procedure of your bank, you may well want to switch to Citibank and enjoy its effortless and user friendly payment routine that are designed to suit the day to day life of its users.  Though most banking companies in the past haven’t paid much attention to ensure a better and effortless billing mechanism for their customers, Citibank have broken the jinx by offereing a really fast, reliable and effortless payment mechanism available for your selected banking policy or credit card. Citibank through its online website have incorporated advanced bill payment procedure that not only saves time but saves you off the frustrating, energy consuming payment drills too.

Billing and Payment service offered by Citibank:

For enjoying the payment mode of your choice, you first need to log into your ‘Sign In’ to your official Citibank account using basic details such as User Id and password that were provided to the company by you at the time of your registration. But before you reach the log in option, owing to the large number of services offered by the company, Citibank have differentiated its various services which can be selected categorically from the tab that appears on the left corner of their homepage.  This unique functionality saves users from the pain of scrolling through multiple pages before reaching the target destination on the website.

  • Online Bill Payment – Citibank Group accepts all the major credit/debit cards for its online transactions under the norms of US federal bodies. Their online bill payment option provides you with the additional benefit of having an idea of all your account activities just by sitting at your home.
  • Mobile Banking – Citibank mobile apps and Citibank text banking allows users to control all the banking operations of their Citibank account or credit card including bill payment from their mobile phone – on the go. Now no more waiting in long queues in office, all you need is a Citibank App or your text messaging option on your phone.
  • Popmoney – Popmoney, a Citibank registered functionality allows its users to make fast, reliable and secure, person to person payments.
  • Pay In Person: – If you are not comfortable with the online payment method, you can visit your nearest Citibank any time to pay your bill in person.

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