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Cox Communications

Cox Communications or Cox Cable, founded in 1898 by James M. Cox, is a privately owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises. It major functionalities include providing customers with high quality services such as digital cable television, wireless services and helping companies through telecommunications other online sources in the United States. Cox holds the distinction of being one of the very few companies in the world who have been recognised and affiliated for all the services that they have offered to their customers.

Cox Communications have always maintained that their primary aim is to improve the standard of living and financial status of all the people associated directly or indirectly with them. So far, company have been successful in its agenda with a total of over 30,000 employees and 6 million customers to look after. The stature of Cox Communications have been on an exponential graph ever since they have upgraded their infrastructure and installed new and improved machinery in their centres. With the improved technology in place, there service and customer response has also seen a steep growth over the years.

How has Cox Communications achieved so much in so little time?

Cox Communications brings with it a rich reputation and have to work endlessly to maintain the trust bestowed upon them by their customers. Currently serving more than 3.5 million Internet subscribers, almost 3.2 million digital telephone subscribers and a total of around 6.2 million customers, including 2.9 million digital cable subscribers, Cox Communications strives on the confidence and the blessings of its users. They have a wide array of services to offer and each service brings something new on the table, something that other companies have failed to deliver. Improvement and self assessment is the key to Cox Communications success mantra.

The major services offered by Cox Communications are:

1) Cox Cable TV

  • Distribution of both high definition and standard definition television programs.
  • An embedded switch digital video feature, , available in certain markets, to shift between the two definitions

2) Digital video recorder

  • Digital video recording and other digital services.
  • Depending on the local market, this feature is available on certain devices such as Motorola, Cisco, Moxi and Scientific Atlanta.

3) On Demand

  • Video on demand feature available in all its markets.
  • Shows available on leading channels such as ABC, CBS, BBC America and others are made available using the video on demand feature.

4) Cox High Speed Internet

  • High speed internet service which is faster than any other service provider.
  • Download speed as high as 150Mb/second.
  • A data usage meter to allow users to check and be aware of their internet usage.

5) Cox Digital Telephone

  • Latest technology like VoIP and circuit switching mechanism used in the operation.
  • Telephone services currently available only in the areas of service of the company, however, there are plans to expand the service.

6) Cox Business

  • Data, voice and video services available.
  • Helps the small and medium sized businesses to grow and prosper and in turn get a wider array of audience.

7) Defunct Cox Wireless

  • Wireless and mobile phone services in four of the United States markets.
  • Under the name ‘Moneyback Minute’, it allows its customers to get up to $20 back in their bill, provided that the customer dint use all his minutes given to him for a particular month. However, currently, this feature is not under functioning.

How is Cox Communications making an impact in the society?

  1. Apart from being a leader in service providing and other technical niche, Coz Communications have ardently worked to improve the social and economical status of various communities.
  2. Cox Communication supports the education of their employees and their kids. The company have always maintained that work done in education improvement is not a charitable step, but an investment to obtain a sound future.
  3. The people working at Cox Communications have all worked religiously to gain expertise in their respective fields and be a part of the diverse group of employees at the company. Cox Communications believes that only your ability can determine your future and all other aspects count for nothing.
  4. Given the environmental threat looming large over our existence, Cox Communications have taken a step backward and have ensured that their green house gas emission is maintained at the lowest level possible. It is due to these efforts that carbon footprint of such a huge company has been maintained at a fairly low level.
  5. Since their founder himself was a school teacher, the people associated with Cox Communications understand and work towards the improvement of educational status of the communities. A large section of their customers belongs to college students who have gained benefits from the company’s educational programs and loans.

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