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GEICO:Auto insurance Bill payment - Bill Pay Online

GEICO:Auto insurance Bill payment

Insurance bill payment deadlines have always been amongst the first things that slip off our mind at the start of the month. Given the fast paced life that we have in the present era, it is very important for companies to deploy a payment procedure which help minimize the chances of missing deadlines and other human error. GEICO has showed the way with their highly elaborative and user savvy payment procedure. You can choose your own payment method including online payment which can be made within a few seconds and that too from the comfort of your home. You no longer have to stand in long queues or wait for hours just to pay your insurance bill.

Billing and Payment service offered by GEICO

To avail the billing service of your choice, you first need to set up your payment mode and preferences under the Bill Payment option when you log on to the Policyholder service centre.  You are required to provide your user ID and password which will be dually verified from the company database server. You can then choose your policy type from the list available.

Automatic Payment

The online bill payment option offered by GEICO allows the customers to have their bills automatically deducted from your bank account through Electronic Money Transfer. There are no long queues, no stamps and you don’t even have to remember deadlines, just provide your basic band details and ensure a secured, reliable and 100% accurate bill payment. The company even notifies you before the payment is processed automatically.

Web Pay

Web pay allows users to complete their payment procedure within a matter of few seconds and with just a few clicks of your mouse. All you need to do is visit the payment and billing section, provide your User Id and password and then provide the basic details of your checking accounts or debit/credit card and click OK. That’s it; your payment has been done successfully within seconds.

Pay By Phone

If you are travelling and cannot use your internet, you can simply call 1-800-932-8872. You will be guided through the payment procedure so that you can make your payment through phone. No need to worry about even the internet availability.

In Person

Apart from this you always have the option of visiting the GEICO office nearest to your location in person and pay your bill either by cheque or in cash. You can also mail your amount to the below mailing address for a traditional mode of payment.

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