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Hulu Plus – Watch TV & Movies via Xbox

Hulu is one of the most popular video streaming websites in the US. It allows you to watch your favorite T.V shows and movies online for free. The name “Hulu”  means – the keeper of precious things and it is based on a Mandarin term. This name makes perfect sense  for a website that holds great videos from both television and the movies. The Hulu site is ranked as the 35th most popular site in America by Alexa.com and ranks 201 in the world. The website features programs from various channels including Bravo, PBS, Current TV, Fuel TV, NFL Network, USA Network, FX, Speed, E!, Style, Sundance, Versus, Big Ten, Oxygen, Disney and many more. Browse the Hulu library and you’ll ve able to view shows from ABC, NBC and FOX and many other channels. The website also has a large collection of full-length movies.

How it works:

Using Hulu is easier as it gets. All you need to do is to login to the Hulu website and choose the movie or show that you would like to play. You need to have flash player installed in your computer for the videos to load. And yes nothing to pay! You can subscribe to the website and get notified when ever the new episodes of your favorite shows are uploaded. You can also add shows to your personal list to be watched later.

Apart from watching your favorite shows on the  laptop computer or desktop, one also has the choice of watching Hulu on TV.  People having PlayOn software and consoles that work with that software, are able to watch Hulu right on their television or you can simply hook up your monitor cable between the laptop and TV.

Hulu Plus

In addition to the free version there is also a paid version of hulu called the Hulu Plus. The subscription costs you a mere $7.99 a month but it allows you to directly stream your favorite shows to any Wifi enabled device whether it be T.V or a smart phone. Hulu plus also offers complete access to seasons of current shows and many other shows that are not available on the free version. In addition there are fewer ads interruptions. Its popularity exceeds over 143 million subscribers once in the year 2011. Hulu Plus offers a great video streaming quality. By default it is set to medium which means you have to change it to high every time a new video is loaded which can be a bit annuoying expecially if you are using a high speed WiFi and wan’t everything to be perfect first up.

How Hulu replaces TV, with latest and reliable Technology

There was a time when you had to be before your television set before your favorite program starts so that you do not miss it. Later VCRs, DVD’s and hard disk recorders like Foxtel IQ, Tivo, in Australia and some other nations, changed the importance of TV from first to second. But than Hulu revolutionized the whole concept of watching the T.V. With Hulu the subscribers can record their programs and skip through the ads which consume most of the time. Hulu not only has enhanced the value of relevision, also save lots of time that viewers spend in watching ads or waiting for their favorite shows.

At present, Hulu’s major content is only available in the United States of America and in 2011 it also started its operation in Japan. In the year 2009 Hulu was planning on launching in the Ireland and UK, but after failure to sign any content deals as of April 2010 these had been abandoned. According to The Financial Times ,Hulu had been working on plans of launching Hulu Plus internationally, and had identified the market of Japan and UK as the most feasible to start with. Hulu chief executive Jason Kilar expressed his belief that the US model could be replicated elsewhere, and subscription model could feasibly work. Hulu’s first expansion into an  international market took place in September, 2011 with the launching of service in Japan.

Japanese users have access to a library of popular television shows like  CSI franchise, Ugly Betty, Prison Break, Grey’s Anatomy and many more as well as movies such as Men in Black , Armageddon, Pirates of the Caribbean are few of them. Hulu plans to  add local content from Japan and also to expand it services internationally.

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