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How to pay my Chase Bill

With Chase, bill payment is a hassle-free task. Regardless of whether you prefer paying online, through a phone or hand in your payments, Chase has it all covered.  You can pay your chase bill using the following ways.

Pay online

You do not need to write another check, just pay them online! You can add your payees and set up recurring payments to them. Whether you are using a home or a mobile device, the online pay facility is an efficient and automatic means to pay bills. In particular, this is a very handy way to pay for your rent or mortgage, utilities, credit card bills and car payments. Using this feature requires an initial enrollment, which can be done here. The enrollment requires you to provide your Social Security Number or Tax ID, along with a phone or email ID that has been previously registered. After that, you’re ready to go.

Pay by phone

You can use a 24 hour, automated service to pay their bills. You can reach it at 1-800-436-7958. The prompt asks you for the necessary identification details, and then guides you through to your payment. All payments made till 8 PM ET are credit and posted on the same day, whereas any payments made after that time, will be credited and posted on the next day.

Pay through customer service

For those who want to outsource the entire process of bill payment, a Cox customer service is available and can used. The number is available on the back of your card or bank statement.  The customer service can be used till midnight. However, all payments made after 8PM ET are credited and posted on the next day.

Pay at a chase branch

You can also hand in your payments at a chase branch. This is especially helpful if you want surety of payment and live close to a local branch. You can find a chase branch near you by using the Chase branch locator here. Please note that all payments made after 8PM ET will be posted on the next day.

Pay by mail

You can also use the postal service to pay your bills. It is advisable to pay your bills well in advance of the due date, since it takes a 2-3 for the payment to get posted. Only check or money order can be mailed, and no cash is entertained. The name and account number are to be attached as well.

By Western Union

For Western Union, you can use Code City WALNUT. Payment made through western Union takes maximum 7 days to process.

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