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JP Morgan Chase & Co is a leading multinational financial services firm.  It has a US consumer and commercial banking business unit by the name of Chase. Chase bank is actually a merger between J.P. Morgan and Chase Manhattan, which took place in the year 2000. But the bank continues to be called Chase.

Chase Bank serves about one-sixth of Americans through more than 5600 bank branches and 19500 ATMs across the country. Being a financially strong company, it boasts of providing an unmatched dedication towards its commitment to its customers and specializes in credit card services. So it is not a surprise that Chase credit card also happens to be one of the most popular services offered to you by Chase. In fact, many people have found that having a Chase credit card improves their credit card rating. It means that you are solvent enough to afford to have a bank account in J.P. Morgan Chase Bank. It also means that you can pay your bills on purchases made on a Chase credit card.

Here are some of the popular credit cards brought to you by Chase. You can take your pick of secured cards like Chase Sapphire, Freedom, slate cards, Ink cards and also higher credit limit cards like platinum. You need to pay an application fee, depending on the type of card you want to buy. This fee can be as low as $10 and can go as high as $50. All Chase credit cards have an annual fee.

Chase Freedom Card

If $500 is spend within 3 months of account opening date, you become eligible to earn a bonus of $200. This offer is only for a limited time period. No Annual fee is charged on this card. Purchase and Balance Transfer Annual Percentage Rate is 0% during the introduction period of 15 months. After the introduction period, a variable rate of 13.99 % to 22.99 % will be charged depending upon the creditworthiness of the customer and also the market prime rate prevailing at that time. Balance Transfer fee is either $5 or 3% of the amount of each balance transfer, whichever is greater.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Also popular for providing the best signup bonus, this card promises you a bonus of 40,000 points when you had spend $3000 within 3 months of its account opening date. An additional 5000 bonus points is awarded when a first authorized user is added who also makes a purchase in the first three months. Additionally, you also keep rewarded by 2 points per spent of $1 on dining and travel and by 1 point per spent of $1 on anywhere else. If this is not all, then one also gets entitled to a anniversary dividend of 7%.  No annual fee is charged for the first year while a charged of $95 is charged from second year onwards. Purchase and Balance Transfer Annual Percentage Rate is 15.99%, which is variable to the extent that it also depends upon the market prime rate prevailing at that time.

Chase Slate Card

It is regarded as the best card for debt relief purposes. It provides a free introductory balance transfer. Subsequently, no fee is charged on the balance transfer for the first 60 days from its account opening date. After the expiry of the 60 days, the fee for future transaction is charged at the rate of 3% of the amount transferred or $5, whichever is higher. Purchase and Balance Transfer Annual Percentage Rate is 0% during the introduction period of 15 months. After the introduction period, a variable rate of 12.99 % to 22.99 % will be charged depending upon the creditworthiness of the customer and also the market prime rate prevailing at that time. No annual fee is charged on such card.

Chase Ink Plus

Regarded as the best business card, it provides a reward of 5 points per spent of $1 on cable and telecom services, and office supplies, reward of 2 points per dollar spent on hotels and gas, which is all limited to a spent of first $50,000 annually. In all other cases, 1 point is awarded per dollar spent.  No Annual fee is charged for the first year, while in subsequent years an annual fee of $95 is levied. Other privileges include no foreign transaction fee, 2 free passes a year of Lounge Club and more. A variable annual percentage rate of 13.24%, depending upon the market prime rate, is charged on all purchases and balance transfers.

Chase Visa Perfect

If you are a frequent traveller or a compulsive shopper, it is always good sense to buy a Chase Visa, Perfect, Platinum Master, Free Cash or Travel Plus credit card because you are going to get reward points for every dollar spent, depending on your card. This is the benefit you get in frequent flyer bonus miles. There is absolutely no limit to the reward points that you are going to earn, so you can redeem those points against other purchases or in buying airline tickets. You may also opt for gift cards against the points.

Application for chase credit cards can be made by following these three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Browse Credit Card online: Go to the chase website. Under a “Personal Banking” header click on “Credit Cards”. Browse through an extensive options of credit cards to find the most preferred card that best suits your needs and requirements. After selecting the card that matches your needs, click on “Apply now” button.
  • Step 2: Complete the Application: Fill the application online or you can take guidance throughout the process from a chase credit card representative by dialing 800. Fill out all the information correctly to avoid being denied application on the basis of incomplete or wrong information. After completing the application, click on “Submit Now” button.
  • Step 3: Approval and Dispatch: You have to wait till Chase approves your application and dispatches your credit card to be received within 2 or 3 business days. To activate the card, a toll you need to dial their toll free number which can be found on the back of the card. Finally sign the signature strip located at the back of the card, and your card is ready to be used.

If you have a bad credit rating, there is a chance that your Chase credit card application may be turned down. That is why you may be asked for a collateral deposit which is going to be kept as a security. So talk to your nearest Chase Bank credit card advisor and get the best Chase credit card best suited to your needs, budget and requirements, right now.

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