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KLove is a radio programming network in the US that broadcasts contemporary Christian music and operate under the Educational Media Foundation. The foundation has highly knowledgeable and diverse group of business and ministry leaders who serve as board of directors. Over 440 stations simulcast KLove programs in about 47 states. It has over 12 million dedicated listeners in different cities including Phoenix, New York, Chicago, San Antonio, Nashville, Denver and Waco. For locations where there is no broadcasting station online streaming is used. KLove is also the 6th most tuned radio station in the world.

In 1980, Bob Antony, a popular radio personality conceived the idea of starting a full-time contemporary Christian music station. KLove begin its operation with one radio station and was known as KCLB. After trying a number of times, to purchase a station at San Francisco, Bob finally managed to acquire a small in Santa Rosa Northern San Francisco. It was acquired for $67000. The first program was aired on KCLB in 1982 with a slogan of “The Positive Alternative”.

KCLB continued to expand to grow and expand the reach of its signals by purchasing small stations and translators and repeated its signal so as to reach the locations further away. It was renamed to KLove in 1988. New on-air personalities joined KLove and in the 1990s and it also started online streaming on klove.com.

In the 2000s, KLove saw continued growth and its shows started gaining popularity. It has expanded in brand power and have partnered with various sponsors.

Services offered

KLove mostly focuses on Christian music that is also culturally relevant and appeals to the current generation. The lyrics focus on worshipping Jesus and bringing people to Christ.

As you walk through the rough terrain of life, KLove stands by you with soothing and uplifting contemporary music. Prayers are a means to gain internal solace. Listeners in need of guidance can call regarding advice on faith, marriage or the Bible or any other topic.


When all your efforts seem in vein you seek advice and pray that you get a resolution to all your queries. KLove has a ministry team that works full time and attends to over a 1000 callers and enlightens sooths and relaxes their minds of all the anxiety, depression and sometimes even addictive behavior that results from them. Prayer requests are also attended to at KLove. More than 100 calls are processed per day. Callers have an option to either call in or submit prayer requests online.

Apart from this, KLove also partners with other ministries and helps spread the light farther. KLove currently donates airtime and web space to International Cooperating Ministries, Compassion International, Food for the Hungry, World Vision, Teen Challenge, Cure International and Faith Comes by Hearing.

Music Room

KLove’s music room is rich with contemporary music. With a religious air to music, KLove has a music room so that you can listen to music online. You can also look at lyrics, listen to Christmas carols and take a look at the artists. You can also get music updates about K-LOVE by texting MUSIC to 21947 for which standard rates shall apply.

KLove believes in the holy Christian living. The belief that we must have concern for the social needs of our fellowmen drives KLove to create an open channel of communication where one can share his / her story and gain some amount of peace of mind. The aim is to inspire our community to have more faith and trust in the power of the Holy Spirit and have a meaningful relationship with Christ.

KLove’s core values inculcate goodness in every one. The trust in God and unshakable faith in the healing power of prayers to God guides our decisions and heals our souls. KLove is completely dedicated to spread goodwill amongst our fellowmen and guide them to live more fulfilling lives.

When we share what ails, and listen to advise from the experts, we see our lives in new light. Sometimes having someone just listen to you helps. KLove believes in healing all ailing souls and eventually spreading goodness. Christian music and prayers in the form of music are the ultimate means to have a conversation with God. At KLove, you can submit a prayer request, seek advice from our pastors or learn more about our Lord Jesus.

Closer Look

At KLove, a special public affairs program airs on Sunday evenings. This program has a special segment for “Pastor’s Roundtable” where all pastors discuss various religious topics. This program is called Closer Look and airs for 30 minutes.

KLove also host a number of contests nationally. These contests are at a regional as well as national level.

KLove arranges a host of events and concerts and you will always have something to do every weekend.

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