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DISH has accomplished a great feat by being a company which started with a 3 member founding team to a giant listed in the Fortune 200 roster in the entertainment industry.  The team who started the company are Charlie Ergen, Candy Ergen and Jim DeFranco. They have successfully shaped the future of the company with their vision and boldness and established it in its current state with a subscriber base of 14 million! In 1995 Charlie Ergen undertook the daunting task of launching the first satellite Echo 1 and was successful in deploying it from China. From the last century DISH had its name inscribed on some notable achievements. It was in March 1996 that DISH made its first broadcast to customers and by July 1996 DISH had crossed a customer base of 100,000. DISH has many ‘firsts’ to its name – in July 1999 DISH became the world’s first provider of 500 – channel satellite TV, in August 2004 it launched the first picture-in-picture application in the US, in January 2005 it became the pioneer in providing 100 international channels within the Pay -TV community. It was in December 2009 that it crossed its 14 million customer mark. In March 2012 DISH acquired DBSD and Terrestar.

It would be interesting to know about Echostar which had been an affiliate of DISH in providing satellite services since late 1980s. In January 2008 it changed its name to DISH Network Corporation and is the prime partner of DISH in providing technology services.

About the Company

Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, DISH is the leader in providing satellite and cable TV services to US customers. It is listed in NASDAQ and is publicly traded- its symbol is DISH. With an employee strength of more than 25,000 in the US, it provides the best entertainment at a competitive rate and is the most preferred name, in its category, in American homes. It has the maximum number of HD and international channels. No wonder way back in 2011 its revenue figure stood in excess of $14 billion.

DISH upholds this distinction by providing entertainment through the best satellite systems developed as a result of its innovations in technology. This is evident from the fact that they are the leader in presenting integrated DVR on air in 1080p.  Its innovations that had fetched awards are:

  • Hooper with Sling that customers can use to watch live and TV recording on computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Tailgater – it is a portable satellite (and obviously lightweight) that enable outdoor viewing. This is very handy for someone who plans to go for camping or on a trip in the RV.

DISH has also bagged couple of accolades in CIO Magazine, Consumer Electronics Association and in 2012 it secured top rank in ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index).

Services Offered by the Company

There are a lot of customized packages available for DISH starting as low as $29.99 per month.  Customers can do that online as well as through customer support available 24/7 for voice call  (at 1-800-823-4929) or online chat. From time to time DISH offers opportunities to its customers, that enable them to save money, like DISH Protection Plan which provides free of cost equipment replacement, faster technical service, discounted rates for home services. DISH offers the following service that enables it to be ahead in the race:

Pay per view – The customers can conveniently select the movies, sports or events that they wish to view. The ADDT is an all day DISH ticket that allows 24 hours program viewing on every channel.

Video on Demand – This service provides 1080p viewing for new releases and 3D for some selections. The user can browse through thousands of movies by connecting the HD DVR to broadband.

Internet on phone – This is an integrated service where the customer can choose to bundle  DISH services along with super fast internet and phone services.

Movies – With the acquisition of Blockbuster, DISH offers 15 movie channels and a library of movies to choose from.

International Channels – Being the only service provide with maximum international coverage, DISH offers 270 non US channels in 29 languages.

DISH offers a lot of support services to new and existing customers:

  • In order to provide a smooth experience of owning a new DISH connection, the customers are provided a road map from order confirmation to installation detailing the activities that will be done through prior appointment with the customer.
  • Existing customers are given comprehensive online support for hassle free entertainment as well as troubleshooting in case of problems with viewing. Also customers can maintain an online account to manage to know about offers, paying bills, refer a friend etc.

3D – The experience of watching a football match has never been livelier with the 3D feature of DISH. Additional hardware like 3D glasses, 3d HD TV, 3D Compatible HD, cables and an optional 3D surround system to transform the home to a theatre. 

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