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Progressive, established in 1937 by Jack Green and Joe Lewis is one of the leaders amongst the car insurance service providers in United States. Right from its foundation was laid; Progressive has developed a name for itself by delivering trusted and stable services to its customers around the nation.  Other than car insurance, progressive also offers great insurance policies for boats, bikes, RV’s and commercial vehicles in major parts of the country. They have grown and achieved more by helping those who themselves wanted to achieve greater heights in their personal and business ventures. Known for its peerless expertise and experience in the field of insurance, the company have now added another ace in their pocket by including home insurance through its selected subsidiary companies. Progressive has over the years grown in its reputation of not only being the leading insurance provider but also as a company that puts customer interest ahead of its own personal gains. It is this quality that has helped Progressive to develop a strong bond with its customers that has very effortlessly stretched over a period of more than 75 years.

The company has it’s headquarter at Mayfield Village, Ohio and have expanded its area of operation to an international level by offering its unprecedented services in Australia as well.

What are the insurance services offered by Progressive?

Progressive boasts of over 25,000 employees working in more than 450 offices that the company own in various parts of the country.  The company offers highly competitive insurance rates and are available 24/7 to its customers for any assistance or help. Further, you can purchase your auto insurance company in a very efficient and easy way by phone or visiting the company’s online website. You can even choose to buy your policies through independent insurance agents. Progressive is widely acclaimed for its customer friendly services that include efficient billing procedure that ensures that the policy holders do not have any headaches over billing deadlines.

The different categories of insurance policies available at Progressive are:

1) Auto Insurance

The Progressive auto insurance policies are regarded as the best in the business, offered at very affordable prices and inclusive of great discounts and offers to treat the customers. The notable points about Progressive auto insurance are:

  • Free policy reviews to all the customers. The highly professional and experienced staff members at Progressive are always at your helm for any assistance regarding your auto insurance policies.
  • You can even get discounts when you become eligible for them.
  • Policy Holders can earn loyalty points from the day they associate themselves with a Progressive auto insurance policy.
  • You can get glass repairs for free and choose to fix your windshield anywhere you want. Further, special offers like accident forgiveness give policy holders more than what they expected.

2) Motorcycle Insurance

With motorcycles, users require an insurance policy that takes care of even the smallest of the things like gear box failure or a crack in the body. Progressive totally realise the need of a effective motorcycle insurance policy and have therefore come up with their highly efficient insurance policy for the bikes.

  • Get expert advice and suggestions about your motorcycle that will help you select the policy that is best for you.
  • Get total loss coverage if your bike gets stolen or wrecked and that too at prices that are lower than anywhere else in the world.

3) Home Insurance

Getting insurance for your home and the possessions that you have inside it is slowly gaining pace as people are realising the importance of securing the place where they live. With Progressive home insurance policy, customer can avail great security service for their home including a further advancement in the form of condo and renters insurance.

4) Boat Insurance

Getting insurance for your boast is as important as getting it for any other vehicle and with Progressive boast insurance plans you can get the insurance policy that suits you best. You can choose jet boast insurance, sailboat insurance, fishing boat insurance, personal watercraft insurance or house boat insurance, whatever fits your needs best.

5) Commercial Auto Insurance

Progressive remains the force behind the success of many companies in United States providing them with highly valuable and efficient commercial auto insurance policies. Being the largest commercial auto insurance company in the nation, Progressive have a A+ rating from A.M best to add to their illustrious cabin.

The major commercial auto insurance policies available at Progressive Corporation are:

  • Van Insurance
  • Business Auto Insurance (for work cars and SUV’s)
  • Truck Insurance
  • Dump Truck Insurance
  • Tow Truck Insurance
  • Pickup Truck Insurance

All these policies are available at great discount and come with the peerless assistance that the Progressive customer service offer to everyone!

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