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Progressive Login Service

The progressive online website is the ace which the insurance service provider has added to its armoury to provide its policy holders with an interactive and elaborative medium to have an insight about, both their policy and the working of the company. You can avail all their treats which they have on offer just by logging into the ‘Log In’ section of the website. Once you have logged in, you can get all the information about your account activities like your current policies, their payment schedule, your billing history and other policies that might interest you.

How can I use the Progressive login service?

As discussed above, to start with, a user must log into the ‘Log In’ section available at the top right corner of the website

Once you select the ‘Log In’ feature, a page will pop-up asking the basic details of your account like User ID and a password, providing which is essential to continue with the log-in process.

Once your credentials verified, all the information regarding your account and the detailed insight of the policies that you currently have, will be available for you at all time. Taking your privacy and security into consideration, the ‘log in’ procedure is carried out through a secured page.

In case you are finding any difficulties in logging in to your account, Progressive have included all the necessary options along with the log-in page that will assist you to solve the problem that you are facing.

  • For those who haven’t registered their ID’s with the Progressive database; they can still make use of their online facility by creating an online ID within a few minutes. When you click at the Log In option, ‘Register your policy’ option also pops up. You can use it to register your ID on the company’s server.
  • If you do not remember your username or your password, there is also an option of looking up the following details, again available alongside the login option. You can use it to continue with the online services.
  • You can use the ‘Save User Id’ feature while logging in to make sure you doesn’t have to enter your details again and again. However, if you are using a public computer, or public Wi-Fi facility, it is advisable not to use this feature.
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