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Suddenlink Bill Pay

Paying monthly bills can be a hassle especially if there are no convenient payment options available. The phone, internet and Cable TV bills make up a good portion of the piles of bills that you have to pay monthly.  However if you are a Suddenlink Subscriber , you’ll be glad to know that Suddenlink offers a variety of hassle-free bill  payment options to their customers. The customers can opt to choose any of these as per their circumstances:

Online Payment

This is the most convenient of all the method. All you have to do is to register yourself on the Suddenlink website and you can bill your bills from the comfort of your home, any time you want.  Customers can login to their accounts and check their bills here. They can then either make a one-off payment, or use their credit/debit card to set up recurring payments.  This can be done with a checking account as well. The payment is posted as soon as the payment takes place and the status is updated on the website.

Via automated phone

Customers can call at the Suddenlink hotline 1-888-822-5151 and use the automated system to make an electronic payment. In case you have forgotten to pay the bill by the due date, don’t panic, a collection agent will call, and the payment can be made directly to them.

Pay at local Suddenlink office

The www.suddenlink.com/contact-us/localstores.php helps the customers to find a sudden link designated payment collection point closest to them.  After that, it is only a matter of handing in the payment to the representative at these designated locations. If however, working hours have finished, the customers can deposit their payment at the dropbox. These may take some time to be posted, usually near 2-3 days.

Payment by mail

You can also pay your bill through the old fashioned way of posting the check through postal mail. You can submit the payment in the monthly bill envelope and return it, or if you do not have it available, you can mail the payment to the to their closest Suddenlink address. Details to be included in the mail are name, address, account number and phone number. You can find your local postal addresses here.

EZ pay

The EZ program allows customers to directly pay their bills through their bank accounts or credit cards. It’s a hassle free, secure and effortless way to make payments.  Customers are especially encouraged to use this facility because it is easier for both parties involved, and does not involve any actual money.

Outside Payment options

This involves using 3rd party firms to handle your payments. Customers can set up Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through these outside firms. However, customers need to understand that these firms will charge their own fees on transactions. Some locations may readily accept Suddenlink payments e.g. Grocery stores.  Also, outside payments tends to be tedious as these firms do not guarantee a delivery date. Although payments do reach eventually, customers may have to live with discontinued service for a period of time.

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