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Suddenlink Communications is one of the top telecommunication service providers in the US. The company originated in February 2003, after a take-over of the then bankrupt Classic Communications. Classic Communications had around 325,000 customers in various states, and were the 12th largest MSO. They were technologically weak, and it took a huge investment on the part of the new management to upgrade their systems and make them competitive. The company was renamed Cebridge Connections, and in 2006, it finally became Suddenlink.

Near the end of 2006, the company revamped its structure and created a national backbone that was commendable for its comparative size. The expansion that followed allowed it to move its operations into new areas. By August 2009, the company had more than 250,000 active phone lines; an upgrade from 30,000 in 2007.

An Overview

Suddenlink is one of the top-ten cable broadband service providers in the US, with approximately 1.4 million subscribers. It now operates in 16 states, mostly in urban locales.  The company has its corporate headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. The company offers services like Digital Cable, Video on demand, High Definition TV, DVRs, High Speed Internet, Wireless Home Networking, Digital Phone and Security.

The current estimated revenues of the company are $2.16 million. With the further expansion that has taken place in recent years, that figure is on the rise. Suddenlink has also participated in regional projects, and is conscious of its corporate social responsibility. They participated in the construction of the 957 mile West Texas fiber ring, and have been in the forefront for advances in internet technology.

Suddenlink has collaborated with other outfits for the enhancement of their services. Most notable of these is the one with TiVo, where Suddenlink distributes TiVo premiere DVRs. In return, TiVo provides access to Suddenlink customers to their interface containing thousands of hours of entertainment in the form of videos, movies

The company website is user-friendly and allows customers to login to their accounts and view specific details like billing etc. New offers are constantly updated to the home page.

Major Services Offered by the Company


Suddenlink provides upto 200 channels, 100 HD channels and 46 digital music channels. There is also an option of adding another 100 channels comprising of sports, movies and family programming. Video on demand and Pay-Per-View features are also available. Suddenlink promises to offer quality, clear broadcast. The company has recently taken an initiative called ‘Project Imagine’, which aims at increasing the number of HD channels and improve visual quality. The TVAnywhere feature, allows the user to record and watch on up to three TVs from one DVR. Multiple recordings are also allowed. Live streaming of shows is also possible, with TiVo powered Stream. TV schedules are available at the home screen, and specific programs can be marked for viewing. In 2013, the company brought out the TiVo Mini, which is more economical, space effective and acts as an alternative to multiple DVRs.


Suddenlink provides internet speeds up to 107 Mbps, which is 13 times faster than what DSL connections can reach. This has been cited as the ‘fastest wideband tier in the US in terms of downstream speeds’.  A state of the art fiber optics network lends credibility to this statement, and ensures customer satisfaction and outstanding service. Suddenlink also provides the Wifi@Home feature, giving its customers the freedom to roam around their house and use the internet with wireless comfort. A database of clips, videos and movies has been assembled for internet customers, called the Suddenlink2GO and can be accessed at www.suddenlink2go.com.


The Suddenlink Digital Phone is very much like a home phone, but with added advantages. It is affordable, with a minimal calling rate outside US and unlimited free calling within the States. Users can avail the usual features of call waiting and caller ID recognition. They can also keep their phone number and switch between the two.  One specific feature is the Enhanced 911 Service, which displays the exact location of the owner and the number, in case of an emergency. Furthermore, the Suddenlink connects the Voicemail to the owner’s email, for easy handling and scheduling.


Suddenlink promises affordable and trustable security. It gives its customers access to in-home cameras which are accessible from both computer and mobile devices. Email alerts can be set for expected events such as relatives coming for a family dinner etc.  In addition to this, a Home Security app lets you see a live view of all the cameras, archive clips or change security settings, right from your mobile device.

Total home

This is an all-in-one package, at a great price. Customers can enjoy fast internet, TV broadcasts, digital phone and home security all under one bill.  The total home package gives its customers nearly a 30% cost benefit, as compared to using the constituents packages separately.

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