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AT&T Universal Card

What is this card about?

If you enjoy using AT&T products and services and are an avid customer, you might want to opt in for the AT&T Universal Savings and Rewards Card.  The Universal Card is a credit card that you can use to pay your wireless service, your internet connection, your digital TV, etc.  You get to save up to 10% during the first twelve months, and then a 5% cash back thereafter in the form of a statement credit on any AT&T product or service that you purchase with the Universal Card.  AT&T has an impressive selection of smartphones and other products to choose from, so you can make use of your savings and rewards.  If you want to get discounts and rewards on any AT&T bill, this credit card may be for you.

What you get with this card?

This is a no-fee card and you get to earn 1 ThankYou point on each dollar spent on any non-AT&T purchases.  You won’t get any ThankYou points for AT&T products or services that you buy because you’re already getting a 5% cash back.  You are eligible to save 10% during your first year and 5% afterwards only if your non-AT&T purchases equal your AT&T purchases. For instance, if you spend $200 on AT&T products or services but you only spent $50 on other purchases, then you get a $5 cash back instead of $20.  If you spent $200 on AT&T products or services and $200 on any other purchases, then you get $20 cash back. Remember, you save 10% during the first twelve months only, and 5% thereafter.  You get to save a maximum of $350 a year.

Another interesting advantage of having this card is that if you spend $500 during your first three months then you receive 10,000 bonus ThankYou points.  If you’d like to exchange your ThankYou points for gift cards, then you get a gift card worth $100. If not, then you can keep saving up your ThankYou points on all your non-AT&T purchases (a maximum of 50,000 per year) and then exchange your ThankYou points for any of the products or services offered by the Universal Card.  You get to keep your ThankYou points for five years after which they expire, so you have enough time to save up for a big reward.  Over 400 retailers are affiliated with the ThankYou Points Center and you can avail these rewards and shop with them.

More Universal Features

  • Extended Warranty Coverage (repair or replacement of up to $10,000 for as long as 12 months)
  • Retail Purchase Protection (up to $1,000 per incident)
  • Travel and Emergency Assistance
  • Automatic Travel Accident Insurance
  • Auto Rental Insurance (as secondary coverage, for a maximum of $50,000 per incident)
  • Lost Luggage Coverage (up to $3,000)

How do you sign up?

To sign up for your AT&T Universal Card all you have to do is visit the Universal Card website and click on Apply Now.  Once you have completed the application with the relevant information, you will be contacted within a month regarding your application’s status.  Once approved you receive a Welcome Kit explain the features and advantages of the AT&T Universal Savings and Rewards Card.  If you have more questions you can have them answered by calling this contact number: 1-800-423-4343.

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