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Lowes Credit Card Login – The Advantage of Lowes Credit Card Online Services

When you choose to open a Lowes Credit Card Account, you will find that Lowes offers you several options that allow you to save money everyday and you will find financing options that will fit the need of your budget to help you better manage your account.  Lowes gives you the ease and security of paying on your credit account, using their online system.  With an online account through Lowes, you are able to manage y our account from anywhere anytime without worry.

Benefits of a Lowes Credit Account

You are able to choose to save 5% off your single purchases when you use your Lowes Credit Card.  If your purchases are over $299, you also have the option of signing up for 6 months special financing.  If your balance is paid in full with in six months, after choosing the special financing offer you will not incur any interest charges on your account.  If you would like additional information regarding the 5% off purchases or the 6-month special financing or would like to apply, you may visit this page for full details: www.lowes.com/Credit-Center-Apply-Terms-and-Conditions. Lowes also offers an 84-month special financing for purchases of $3500 or more.  If you would like additional information regarding the 84-month financing or would like to apply, you can visit here.: www.lowes.com/Credit-CenterGetDetails

New and Returning Customers Log in

If you have just received your Lowes credit card in the mail, you will want to go ahead and register for your account online.  The process is simple, will only take a few minutes of your time, and shortly you will be on your way to better account management. To register your account you will need to visit the registration and activation page: credit.lowes.com/activation.  The first page you see will prompt you to select the card you are attempting to register.  Once you have selected your card you will then go ahead and click on the link that says Register and Activate. To register your new card you will need to make sure you are the primary account holder and that you have your credit card ready.  You will need to enter your account number on the new user account registration log in page: credit.lowes.com. You will then be directed to a page that will validate your account.  After your account has been validated you will then need to select a security setting that will only be known by you for the safety of you account. Once you have selected your security code you will then select your security image.  Once you have completed the two steps you will have completed your account registration, and are now able to manage your account online.  If you are already registered, and need to login to your account you can visit the account login page.  Once you are on the login page you will then be able to enter your user name and sign in.If you have forgotten your user name, password or need to know where to enter your password, this information can be found following the links under the section where you enter your user name on that same page.  If for some reason, you are unable to log in to your account and need assistance you can simply call one of the numbers listed on the bottom of the log in page.  There are separate numbers, depending on the type of account you have so be sure you are calling the number that best suits your needs for betters assistance.

Lowe’s – Credit Card Services
Consumer Credit Cards: 1-888-840-7651
Accounts Receivable: 1-866-232-7443
Business Rewards: 1-866-537-1397
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The Advantage

The advantage of having an online account with your Lowes Credit Services allows you to manage your account from anywhere, anytime.  The service is available to you 24 hours a day and you have access to all of your account history.  You will be able to view past and current billing, and update your profile information as needed.  With an online account, you can better manage your account for a way that fits your lifestyle.

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