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Endeavor Communications Bill Pay

Endeavor Communications is a well known telecommunication provider in the United States. The company offers a wide range of services ranging from telephone, internet, television and more. Endeavor focuses its operations mostly in the rural areas.

Endeavor Communications
Phone: 765-795-4261
Phone Customer Sales & Service: 765-795-4261

or 1-800-922-6677

Fax: 765-795-6599

2 S. West St. PO Box 237
Cloverdale, IN 46120-0237

Bill Payment Options

As a customer of Endeavor Communications, you have the following ways to pay your bills:

  • SmartHub: This is an online payment facility offered by Endeavor Communications. Using a web enabled device, you can pay your bills through your savings account, checking account, credit card or debit card. Accepted credit cards include MasterCard, Discover and Visa. The online account comes with additional benefits. It offers you the ability to opt for paperless billing/e-bill. The e-bill presents your monthly bill amount in an updated and user friendly design. Whats more, it is also environment friendly.  SmartHub is safe, secure and mobile friendly. You can view up to 12 months of billing and payment history. If you want to immediately print out your bill for any purposes, you can also do that. If you have multiple account, then you can also pay all the account together. To use SmartHub, you must first register for it through this link. Once registered, you can then login and use your account through this link: weendeavor.smarthub.coop/login:. You can also download the free SmartHub app from either Google Play or Apple Store.
  • Auto Pay: If you are looking for an easy bill payment option without much hassles, then this is your best bet. Once you set up your payment source, then your monthly bill amount is automatically withdrawn from the payment source month after month like clockwork. Your payment source can be a checking account, savings account, debit card or credit card. Your payments are always made on the due date and as such, you will never be charged any late payment fees. You also have full freedom to modify, update or delete the settings of Auto Pay. You will receive your monthly bill before the amount is withdrawn so that you have enough time to check the bill for accuracy. You can set up the Auto Pay option through your SmartHub.

Endeavor Communications also offers discounts to eligible low income customers. For example, the Lifeline program lowers the cost of the basic monthly local telephone service. If you are deemed eligible for the program, you can get a discount of up to 9.25/month. This is available to only one telephone line per household. The Toll Limitation program aims to support eligible customers who are looking to avoid huge long distance fees by choosing toll blocking or toll control at no cost. The eligibility criteria for both Lifeline and Toll Limitation programs vary from state to state.

If you have any further questions regarding bill payments, you can contact the Endeavor Communications customer care number at 1-800-922-6677 anytime between 8:30AM to 5PM, Monday thru Friday. You can also check out the company website at www.weendeavor.com

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